A coach like no other. A lifetime of special forces leadership experience
delivered to individuals and groups.

Build a Winning Team

Specialising in individual and group coaching, our goal is to empower you through sharing knowledge, experience, and building confidence and resilience to achieve any goal you have.

We believe that every person has the ability and capacity to make a huge difference to the world. Having learnt how to plan, make strategic decisions, manage stress, deal with setbacks, and work with high performing teams under intense combat pressure, we are more than qualified to teach you and your team.

By helping you build confidence and resilience using our real world research,  we give you the knowledge and skills to step up in a crisis or when a tough call needs to be made.

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Work With Me


Ignite and inspire your next event with a wealth of personal insight on strength, resilience, determination and courage drawn from over 17 years of Australian Army service including the elite forces (SAS).

Leadership Training

For your workplace to keep pace and stay competitive, it needs great leaders. Learn from the best in the business to create a your own High Performing Team.

Executive Coaching

Are you wanting more out of life, lacking confidence when you need it most, or at a road block in you personal or work life? If you answered YES, then executive coaching could be for you.

About Dave Farrell

A highly decorated serviceman, Dave Farrell is uniquely qualified to train and advise on all things leadership and coaching. Having served in the Australian Army including its most elite unit, the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) for over 17 years, Dave now brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to corporate groups and individuals wishing to increase their mental capacity, confidence and decision making skills.

During his nearly two decades in the Army, Dave completed six operational tours of Afghanistan, as well as serving in East Timor, Iraq and a multitude of other countries. His skill, courage, and determination to succeed led him to receive the Medal for Gallantry (MG) for his actions in Afghanistan in 2005. It’s the third highest bravery award in the Commonwealth.

In addition to his elite-level military expertise, Dave is also a qualified and experienced Business and Leadership, Extended Disc Behaviour Profiler and Life Coach. His passion lies in motivating and empowering people to be the best they can be – an infectious enthusiasm that inspires his clients to work harder, reach further, and get the results they are ultimately looking for.


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